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Allergies or ?

Thinking this morning, over coffee of course, about everything going on with me, the top-rated event in my life is that I might have heart-related issues. Might. According to the tech yesterday, there may be an issue. May. Now I know techs are not supposed to give any info, but I urged him to disclose, so this issue, this worry, is my fault. Hubbin talked me down out of the tree at the time, but now it is simmering on one of the back burners of my brain, for me to check on from time to time. My arm has a nasty bruise from the procedure yesterday, a constant reminder of the simmering pot. Going to "Let Go, Let God" on this, hoping it's not a warning sign for me to get my ducks in a row or make amends while I can. That being said, I wondered if there was anyone I needed to 'get right with' this morning. My heart is calm; I wonder if there is anyone who needs to hear from me. Is there something that needs to be said, is there a place I need to be today? This morning I'll pray for recognition of such opportunities; God is great about showing me the way; I hope I'll be listening when such moments arise.

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