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Busy Busi-ness

This morning I am already thinking about how my day is going to play out. There are things I have to do, things I need to do, things I want to do, and then there are things I'd like to get done, so I'll not be spending too much time as a couch potato today. These things will snowball on me - one task requires prep from another, but all are intertwined, so when I get one done, they (most) all will come together. I'll note what progress I made if time permits.

The other thing on my mind this morning is the magnitude of what I'm doing with eBay. I find something somewhere, anywhere, and get it listed on eBay. It might remain here with me for a minute, an hour, a day, or in some cases months, but eventually someone wants it. Someone. Someone in Oregon wants that pair of shoes I found. Someone in Florida was looking for a turtle curio box and found it in my listings. And bought it. When I tell my friend that it's not about the money, I mean it. Of course, the money is good too, I'm not saying that it isn't, I'm saying that it is almost a validation of my worth as a human. That's how I feel about my writing too. When I'm published, it means that a group of people decided that my collection of words, what was in my head then put to paper, needed to be scattered out there for the world to have. That's both humbling and validating. Yes, it's great to have the money behind that, but to have that feeling? Priceless on my 'Worth' index.

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