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Catching Up

Good morning to anyone who might be up at this hour on Sweethearts' Day.

This morning I am at peace. The drama and craziness of the last couple years has turned into a tranquil pond from what used to be more than just a series of crashing waves against my tiny boat of a world. From my home invasion, to shooting a commercial with Shaq, to taking a stand for my little grandson, to being published (twice!), to setting up my website, to renovating my Reno home, and to now being in the middle of packing up for a relocation to Oklahoma, I seem to be experiencing a peaceful moment this morning. All the drama has subsided; all my family and friends seem to be where they need to be, and Hubbin and I are right on track with the 'move'. This is a noteworthy moment for me, to be totally at peace with my corner of the world, first thing in the morning.

The first thing that usually happens right after I open my eyes each morning, is I evaluate what, if any, insight the previous nights' dream has delivered, which will sometimes guide me in my prayers and drive any action I feel I might need to take for the day. A side note here - yes, I dream every night, yes I remember them, and yes, I write them down. I get some amazing story ideas from some of them *grinning* I will give this morning's dream as an example:

I dreamed I finished my last day at work and due to some last minute drama, I needed to make peace with a loved one who had threatened to end a relationship because of that drama. Then, continuing the dream, I received an escort by several people back to my home, to a new door to it that I didn't know existed. I checked out the door in wonder because I didn't know it was there, and I noted how strong and secure that door felt, and though there a few slivers of broken glass on the ground around it, the door felt like a fortress entrance. It was a solid, thick combination of metal and wood. And pink. The door was painted a pastel pink. I'm not sure what the color pink had to do with it, but I liked the idea of feeling safe and secure in what I am certain right now is a reflection of how I feel about the relocation to my new home.

So today I'll text the person at the place I worked at to see how she is doing, call the relative, and perhaps ponder on the meaning of a pink door.

Have a blessed day, all! Happy Valentine's Day, or for those like me who deliberately put it differently, "Happy Valentime's Day!"

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