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Changes A Comin'!

It has taken me a minute to get back into things related to writing, hence my time here tonight. So much has taken up my day! I wonder how I managed to cram everything in when I was working too! I will be updating this website within the next week or so because most of my background pictures are of locations in Nevada, and I am officially a resident of Oklahoma now. Most of my photos lately have been of the gambaby doing cute gambaby-type things, but I've also found time to snap photos of the various birds, squirrels, and flora in my back yard. Some have been taken through the window screens, but I love them just the same, so I hope to create a corner or at least post a few photos of the view outside my Diva Den window. I spend time just gazing out, contemplating life as I plan my day or pay my bills or work on my next chapters. Yes, plural, 'chapters'. In addition to juggling life, I've also been working on four very different types of stories while still trying to submit short stories for publications too. So I'll see you all back here, perhaps sometime next week. Until then, have some coffee and contemplate just how good it is. Bye!

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