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Home Renovations Suck

Home renovations suck. That's my observation this morning as I mentally review the (ever-growing) list of pieces and parts that still need to be completed. Does one EVER get a finalization on these things??? We decided to replace flooring. That was probably the first mistake we made, which has morphed into a whole house renovation (besides new flooring), including: new faucets, lighting, vanities, cabinets, baseboards (the stairs are the bane of my existence!), electrical, and of course interior and some exterior paint. My meltdown this morning, before I wade into the fray again, is the discovery that when the flooring guys grouted the floors, they left one of the little spacers behind and grouted over it. I thought it was some silicone that had dripped onto my flooring from the guys who installed my countertops and sink, so I tried to clean it up and now have a hole in my grout that I have to fix. It's hard to believe that a little spot that is maybe a half inch long could cause such a meltdown in me this morning, but there it is, one seemingly minor event to be added to a list that does not seem to lessen. Going to sip my coffee for a moment and figure out where to fit this little repair into my tasks.

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