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Hubbin and Me, December 2021, Five Years

Today is Hubbin's and my 5th anniversary. I was thinking this morning (after coffee, breakfast, and exchanged gifts), of the day I married my best friend. He spent the night at his house in Reno; I was at my condo in Carson City. He called me before I had coffee to tell me how much he loved me and how he was looking forward to being my husband and we spent the next few, talking about last minute details. A snowstorm had been predicted but had yet to be determined as to how severe, but we were looking at the possibility of nobody being able to get there to witness our union. The snowstorm didn't really hit until our reception, though I waded into the snow to our car after our ceremony. The people that were most affected by our decision were there: my son and daughter (who walked me down the aisle) my bestie who was my Matron-of-Honor, her daughter who was one of my bridesmaids, and our friends who were the Best Person and Groomsman. We had others there, but we are not in contact with them anymore, so I'm not into the 'remembering' their part in our ceremony, though one of our friends videoed it and put it on a DVD for us, and it now resides in our Wedding Box. Our Wedding Box is in Duncan-this year's anniversary cards will join the others in there. Anyway, the snowstorm got worse; New Hubbin and I were concerned that we would not be able to get out of town to San Francisco for our honeymoon, but the roads were fairly clear the next morning, so we packed up our things and off we went for our honeymoon at the Star Trek convention. We had already paid for the room and the convention; we decided that would be a great place for a honeymoon, and it was. We have a copy of our wedding license, signed not only by the people who had attended our ceremony, but by a lot of the movie star actors at the convention. Some really great memories were created there. My heart is touched this morning by all of these memories and sharing this morning's breakfast and gifts with my Hubbin of five years. We have had our moments, what couple doesn't? but today I'm ready for the next five years. I love you Hubbin!

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