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This is the topic that is really on my mind tonight. I'm debating just now much anonymity is needed here so I'll protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent, at least for now.

I have a friend whose wife decided she did not want to be married any longer; she split, moved a state away, and left him behind. I get it, it happens. But she also left behind her small child. I'm well-acquainted with his wife; she confided that she never felt attached to her son, had never bonded with him, and on more than one occasion stated that he was 'broken', so I guess she decided our friend would be a better dad than she could be a mom. That was between the two of them. So after the dust settled and the "I don'ts" were said, Hubbin and I helped my friend with his son. His son formed a bond with us and then, several years after all the drama had gone down, our friend died. Our friend's ex-wife swooped in to take the little boy back to her house. We were only allowed to see him sporadically, and most recently, not at all. I understand she wants me to pay for calling her out on her actions, but I do not understand why she would want to hurt her young son too! What kind of person does that? I want to tell her to grow up because she is acting like a petulant child, but I guess that won't help matters at all. *sigh*

Tonight I'm thinking about the loss of our friend, his son, and the severing of an already-shaky relationship with the ex-wife, and it makes me sad to know that this Christmas will be different than it has been in years' past. I miss that little boy so much it hurts, so I guess she got the results she was looking for.

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