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More Catch-Up (not catsup!)

This evening I am sitting at our dining room table, typing on my new tablet (thank you Hubbin!!!), while listening to the instructional video Hubbin is playing, and glancing over to the Gambaby while he is playing a video game at our table. So, the three of us are using our respective devices, doing separate things but doing them all together. I'm okay with that comfortable feeling. Gambaby said he wanted waffles tonight and tonight, I was prepared. I had done a grocery order this morning so that I'd have milk on hand as well as several of the foods he liked. Bananas were our snack for this afternoon, but Hubbin wanted Sweet Potato Pie. Thankfully, I had added that to our order this morning! Gambaby got to spray on the Reddi-whip. Turns out this was the first time he had ever done that, and he was tickled and wanted to spray lots of it! I guess who doesn't?!? Laughing about it even now because of the expression on his face! This afternoon, I had the sunroof on the car open and I guess we had never shown Gambaby that. He LOVED it!!! I got pictures.

Our new cabinets were delivered EARLY this morning, before 8 a.m. and two of the five were damaged. A phone call to Lowes fixed that. They will pick up the damaged ones on Saturday and deliver the new ones on Sunday. I think I'll go out tomorrow morning after I take Jason to school and pick up expresso paint for the cabinets. I plan to paint the bathroom ones first.

Yesterday I had my upper GI and lower GI done. Hate that procedure, but a necessity at this stage of my life. Hubbin has his next week so it will be my turn to baby him while he is doing his prep. Ugh, but necessary.

Not much else going on, Ebay is going better than expected - not sure I like being this busy but yay me, so I guess I do *grinning*

Out for now, I've got to look some things up.

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