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NEVER add dish soap!

I only make really bad decisions once.

Like adding liquid dish soap to the dishwasher in place of dishwasher soap.

If you have ever done this, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and have also learned a valuable lesson. The two soaps are not the same! If you have been fortunate to not have made this mistake, let me share my experience with you in the hope I might be able to save you some drama and grief, and how to undo the resulting mess if you decide it's still okay to do, because, trust me, it will be a mess that keeps coming back, like any truly bad decision.

I made the mistake of thinking the two soaps were the same, so I used the same amount of liquid dish soap as the proper amount of liquid dishwasher soap I would normally use. But then I unknowingly made matters worse by starting the dishwasher and going to bed.


I got up the next morning and found about six inches of soap bubbles (maybe more!) on the kitchen floor between me and my coffee pot. Not the sort of thing you ever dream of waking up to! All I could do is stand there with my mouth and eyes wide open in awe at what had happened!

By the way, necessity is the mother of invention (thanks for that quote, Plato!), so after the shock wore off, I found that a snow shovel was the perfect tool to clean up the majority of the bubbles. Then I paused long enough to make a cup of coffee to ponder my next move(s). By the time I got all the soap cleaned up off of the floor, my kitchen floor looked brand new! Dish soap is also not good for the washing machine, but it's not as bad; the towels I used to clean the floors had to be run multiple rinse cycles to get them rinsed thoroughly. Next, I ran my dishwasher again, this time empty, you know, to clean out the rest of the soap. Big mistake. Bubbles started pouring out the sides of it, like some mutant monster that was foaming at the mouth! So I turned it off mid-cycle and paused to ponder about what to do over another cup of coffee, then made a call to a local appliance store to ask for advice.

"Liquid fabric softener," was their quick and short reply, after of course, laughing at my predicament. They had obviously received a call or two like mine in the past; there was no hesitation. They had no need to research an alternative solution for me.

So here's the fix:

-1/2 cup liquid fabric softener, dumped in the bottom of the dishwasher, inside it, of course.

-Run a short load. You may want to lay towels around the base, just in case it is still oozing bubbles

(mine did).


I had to repeat this process four times to get rid of all the soap bubbles. A quick glance into the inside bottom of your dishwasher, about mid-cycle, will tell you whether you need to do it again. If there are still soap bubbles, the answer is a heavily sighed, "Yes, again."

My wish for you is a lot of coffee (or a stiff drink) and plenty of patience if you are in the middle of learning this important lesson.

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