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Passing the Time At Work

Business is slow right now at the casino gift shop that I work for, and there is only so much cleaning and stocking one can do, so I try to keep busy by making up stories about the items and pictures that are for sale in the gift shop.

For instance, there is a picture of an eagle that a local photographer has on consignment. I have named the eagle, “Edgar”. Edgar is perched on the edge of a pine tree limb, looking angry and ready to attack the falcon that just snatched up a wee little mouse that Edgar had his eye on.

A beautiful, white ceramic vase will be purchased to be used as a water jug to bring cool, refreshing liquid to an invalid grandmother.

A small, decorative bundle of wheat has been gathered, tied, and then blessed by an age-defiant shaman, and will bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to the person who gifts it to an unwed mother (I haven’t decided why it has to be gifted to an unwed mother; I will have to think about that).

Sometimes my stories are happy, and sometimes funny, but most of all, they help me pass the time and are entertaining (at least to me).

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