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The Pink Kitty

When I was little, I wanted a white cat. Something about the purity of a white kitty spoke to my child-mind, and every chance I got, I mentioned it to my parents. Nothing else would do; nothing short of an all-white kitty would fit my requirements. A call from a farmer down the road met my needs and I picked up my kitty as soon as it was weaned. It had a severe flea problem, so my parents bought flea bath and I gave this tiny little baby his first of several baths to combat the infestation. The problem that devastated me was that I dried my kitten off with pink paper towels after I had given him a bath, and the dye from the paper towels transferred and turned his pure, white fur a vivid shade of pink! I cried so hard because I ruined my little baby kitty! I’m sure he was insulted as well!

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