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The Summer Dog

I wrote a short story about a dog that I hope to have published in a Summer Anthology.

I've not written much lately, due to trying to get unpacked, settled into my new home, and well, life just taking over and getting in the way. Yes, I know, excuses 1-??? as to why I've not sat down and written SOMETHING! But there it is, "Something," and I'll find out this week if it is to be published.

In other news, I've started an eBay business for a wee bit of extra cash and hope that it takes off because that sort of thing pretty much takes care of itself once stuff is put online. We'll see about that.

The new house is shaping up nicely. Hubbin has screened in our patio and it is quickly becoming my favorite place to hang out in. My "Diva Den" is a mess, the kitchen is coming along, but there are still LOTS of boxes everywhere.

The Gambaby, the older one, spent Easter Sunday finding eggs in our back yard. We videoed it and I have tons of pictures, but sad, G'ma guilt, because he told me his tummy said it wanted waffles and I had none. G'ma's prepared now little one!

Our car is finally legal for Oklahoma, though Hubbin put on the back plate but forgot to remove the Nevada plate from the front. We remembered to take it off before we got pulled over for something. Now we just need to register our motorcycles and we are golden for a year. Yay!

Not much else going on. Daughter brought littlest gambaby over to my house and we all celebrated big gambaby's 4th birthday. Speaking of, biggest gambaby is into Spiderman, so I found a life-sized Spiderman balloon for him. He came out into the living room where it was and let out a shriek of sheer terror before he realized what it was. I instinctively grabbed him up to protect him but began laughing when he squirmed down to go check it out. OMG, I laughed so hard I almost had an accident! Even now I'm smiling at his reaction!

Off to do what needs to be done the rest of the day, but hoping that all who visit here have a peaceful rest of your day.

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