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Tory Anne Brown, Published!!!

It is difficult to not still be on Cloud Nine about getting my work published! My story, "The Samaritan" was published last month in the Viral Anthology, When The World Stopped. I have had some impromptu book signings at my work, at the cigar shop where Hubbin and I hang out, and at my home. It is surreal! I am so humbled that there are more than a few people who want to read what I have written!

An Excerpt:

"...Justice sheltered in place in her home/fortress, staying active and fit in the makeshift gym she had built, until all the city’s utilities no longer worked. People nicknamed the second virus, the “Revelation Virus,” because it killed more than half of the humans that had survived the First Wave. The first virus had been designed to target the weak and infirm, but the Revelation Virus had been genetically created to target humans specifically with the “Y” chromosome. Most of the male population on Earth died within the first four weeks of the pandemic..."

The link to this book can be found here:

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