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Trying To Catch My Breath

I have Four (count 'em, One, Two, Three, Four) major life-changing events going on right now. I don't know if one would call any of them "Major Life Changing," but to me, they feel like it. This morning I am just trying to breathe as I deal with each one of them. Three of them are inter-related; one cannot happen without input from the other two, so the stress is different for each, but also equal in its intensity for all of them. The last one, which I can mention here, is that my story, "The Samaritan" is going to be published in an anthology this month, and last night I finished up the revisions and sent it back to the editor. The editor's notes to me, in part said, "This is a really good story, Tory Anne..." Since this is my first fictional piece to be published, it has been a great validation to my writing as a whole. Family and friend support is critical to the process, but so is outside input. This morning I am giving thanks, tracking the process, and trying to keep all the balls in air as I juggle time, efforts, and resources.

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