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Venting about COVID

Warning, I’ve got to get a couple somethings off my chest so I’ll be venting for a minute (or two).

I understand that people who are considered non-essential should be staying home, and for the most part, we all are. The streets are pretty empty these days, almost as empty as the paper products isles. Traffic jams are almost a thing of the past, at least for now. With that being said, it does not give me the reason or excuse as to why my bank, and at least a half-dozen websites I’ve frequented in the last couple weeks are failing! COVID is not an internet virus, folks!!!! There should be no excuse for anything related to the internet to crash as much as it has!!! The only technology that worked for me the other day was my coffee maker (THANKING GOD FOR THAT!).


And with that being said, here’s another vent of mine, one that I will put to paper today and send to my state’s Attorney General, the Supreme Court, and Nevada’s Governor.

Attorneys for an inmate in Nevada are trying to get early releases for him and other inmates because of COVID. RIDICULOUS! The man behind the attorneys’ actions claims it’s because it is “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” for him and others to stay incarcerated and perhaps come in contact with another person that tests positive.

You committed a crime, buddy (or bud-ette), so why should you be out on the street, not having learned to not harm others? What, you’re afraid of getting sick? What about your victims? Aren’t you concerned about their “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”, knowing that you have been released? Puleeeeez!

We rely on our justice system to bring justice! Keep protecting us law-abiding citizens!

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