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Was It A Dark and Stormy Night?

Just about every memory I've ever had about Snoopy started with him as a writer and the line of "It Was A Dark and Stormy Night..." Well Thursday night was such a night. We got a warning on our phones that a severe thunderstorm was headed our way, and it got to us, four hours later than first predicted. I pondered the storm that night, not very sleepy since I had napped that afternoon, so I sat outside on our enclosed patio and took in in the number of flashes and listened to the rumbling. The only light I had was the little bit that peeked outside from the lamp in the living room and from my tablet screen. The flashes got brighter and the rumbling got louder. The lightning was so bright that my solar yard lights briefly turned themselves off, surely convinced that daylight was upon them. The storms don't bother me. Odd I think, but they are rather soothing in their fury. I have already developed a certain expectation of what that storm was supposed to bring; I brought my tablet to the patio to record the event. And then came the rain. Big drops were hitting the roof as only a Midwest storm is prone to do; that in itself soothed me. I breathed in the scent of freshly mown grass mixed with rain and I was at peace as the heavens opened up.

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