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Why I'll Never Seek Out a Psychic

I've seen shows that involve psychics interacting with their audiences, and the hottest one out there right now talks to celebrities and broadcasts audience-based shows too. The working theme is that someone from beyond always steps forward and speaks through this medium to a family member who is always there, searching for answers. Not everyone is helped or reached out for, so out of the hundred or so people who show up, it seems that about two or three get a possible resolution or validation from their loved ones. Well then, good for the two or three. I'm not about to imply that this gent does not have abilities. I've been around enough to have seen unexplainable things, I've seen miracles, and I've experienced more than a few "coincidences" to know that our world cannot comprehend such undeniable magnitude of the Gifts that God may bestow upon anyone.

So, do I believe this man has a gift?


Which is why I'll never make it a point to go see him, or anyone else who may have or claim to have such a gift.

There are people gone from this world that I would NEVER, repeat, NEVER, want to hear from again, even in the afterlife. They have been removed from my life, and my life has become a better place without them. So, for them to show up to speak to me? I'm sure that my expectations and hopes would be completely shattered! Instead of hearing from my grandmother, my mother, or any of my beloved departed brothers and sisters, it would be most likely from one of the deceased monsters from my past who would push their way through to the crowd of souls to be "it", the ones who would want to interact with me again. Sitting here, I'm imagining what that might look like and find myself feeling traumatized and victimized all over again, which I'm sure would give those ‘better left in the past’ souls a great joy in knowing.

So no, I'd never put myself in that position. I'll wait to see my loved ones when I've passed on myself, and perhaps then I'll be able to look upon those others with something that might be positive instead of how I imagine, wish, hope how fiery their souls might look right now.

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