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Wonder Woman Mindset

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing enough. Enough with my time, enough helping, enough of just being there for the "others" in my life. The "shoulda's" strike me at some point of each day - I 'shoulda' called my son back, I 'shoulda' been more caring to my Hubbin, I 'shoulda' cleaned, washed, vacuumed, or dusted that. Whatever it is, I sometimes feel inadequate.

Now, I must justify this mindset because it's not what anyone has said to me. So why do I feel this way? Is it the whole "Wonder Woman" mentality? Like I should be perfect, cute, strong, or be able to do everything I set my mind to or that comes into my path? Why that mentality? Can I turn that externally? I have a tendency to internalize things, as if everything that happens to me is my own fault. Is that a victim mentality gone awry? Can I possibly put the blame on external forces? Not saying to put the blame on others when it truly belongs to me, but to give an example, the weather. The weather has me stopping quite a few of my projects, but then I'm internalizing the fact that I'm not getting things done, as if I can control the weather.


This bears further study on my part.

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